The Benefits of Storing Your Car in a Garage

For most people, their car is their pride and joy. At the very least, our cars are essential to get us from A to B whether this is getting to work or ferrying the kids to and from school. 

Whether you own a classic car or a reliable runaround, it’s safe to say that storing your car in a garage is always preferable. That’s because by parking in a secure garage, you can control access to your vehicle while protecting your car from the elements. 

At Kay Garage Doors, we help garage owners maximise the look and usage potential of their garages through the installation and maintenance of garage doors. 

Although garages are often used for storage, some simple organisation can allow you to have the best of both worlds. 

So here is our take on the benefits of garage use for all things parking your vehicle, rather than your clutter! 

Convenience In Inclement Weather

Before we get to protecting your car, how about keeping yourself (and the kids or dogs!) dry first? We are of course talking about that ever-so-sunny Scottish weather. 

If you have an automated garage door and the garage itself connects with the main portion of your property, you can avoid getting soaked in the rain. Instead, you simply drive up to the garage, use the remote to open the door and drive straight into your home. 

An added bonus here is that there is no trailing wet or muddy shoes into your home since you’ll remain warm and dry when transferring from your car to your property.

Oh, and you can also wave goodbye to having to scrape ice and snow off your windshield in the winter when your car has not been parked outside overnight! 

Enhanced Safety 

When your car is on display either on a driveway or on the road, it becomes vulnerable to opportunistic thieves. 

Furthermore, expensive cars may also make your entire home a target, as burglars could associate your vehicle with other valuable items that could be in your home, such as jewellery, gadgets and money. 

Locking your car safely away in your garage means nobody else can get to it. 

Damage Protection 

What’s worse than getting in your vehicle and noticing chipped paintwork or a dent that wasn’t there before? 

From scuffs and scratches to dents and smashed lights, whether it’s your fault or not – your car is more at risk when it’s left on the road. 

Even small areas of damage can make any car look older than it is. This may not bother you now, but if you decide to sell your car this could affect the amount buyers are willing to pay for it. 

We particularly recommended keeping a classic car in a garage. That said, all cars can benefit from being kept in a garage when not in use, since garages offer a clean, safe and dry environment. 

Reduced Insurance Premiums And Other Costs

As noted above, when your car is exposed to the elements it can easily get damaged and this could mean high repair costs. Depending on the damage, costs can add up to hundreds of pounds. If you’re having to do this regularly you’ll be very out of pocket. 

Additionally, keeping your car in a safer place could help you save money on your car insurance. As a garage is usually considered safer than a driveway or road, this puts you less at risk of accidents and damage, and therefore less of a liability for your insurer.

💡 Good to know: If you declare on your insurance that your car is parked in a locked garage, an unlocked garage (including a faulty lock) could invalidate your insurance. Our garage door maintenance service can ensure your garage door locking system is in full working order to prevent this scenario. 

Peace Of Mind

Owning a vehicle can be stressful. While storing your car in a garage can’t remove the need for the likes of insurance renewals or MOTs – it can give you reassurance that your car is safely parked at night. 

Given the unpredictability of criminal activity or even freak weather events which have the potential to damage your car, why take the risk, when parking in a garage is such a simple step?

For the ultimate peace of mind, we recommend running through our garage maintenance checklist to ensure your garage can offer your car the maximum amount of protection. Plus, some of our tips could even increase the value of your home too! 

Benefits Of Keeping Car In garage FAQs

Have any specific questions about storing a car in a garage rather than on a driveway or a street? 

We’ve answered some of the top queries below. For anything related to securing your garage such as garage door maintenance or replacement, please see our contact information to get in touch.

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Do Cars Last Longer If They Are Kept In A Garage? 

There’s no way to totally prevent damage to your car while on the road (though careful driving helps!). 

But in terms of damage while not in use, it’s certainly the case that storing your car in a locked building such as a garage offers significantly more protection for your vehicle. 

Will A Car Rust In A Garage?

So long as there is no excessive moisture (and good ventilation) in your garage, your car should not experience rust directly as a result of parking indoors. Another top tip to avoid rust is to use a dehumidifier. 

How Much Space Does A Car Need In A Garage?

Every car is going to have different dimensions, so it’s important to know what these are to work out how much space your car needs to comfortably fit in your garage. 

Remember to factor in clearance space for opening doors. Experts recommend leaving at least 2ft 6ins clearance space from the car door being open to the nearest obstruction. 

Therefore, you should measure the width of your vehicle and add on the minimum clearance space to calculate the total amount of room needed. 

If you can leave any additional room beyond the minimum space requirements this is of course always preferable. 

How To Fit A Big Car In A Small Garage 

Assuming you’ve taken the above advice, you should have a clear idea of whether you have enough space for the width and length of your vehicle, also factoring in the required clearance space for doors. 

Where space is particularly tight, removing any clutter from the garage may also free up some room. 

Changing the type of garage door may also make it easier to get your car in and out of the garage. If you’re looking to pinch the pennies, then check out our tips for installing a garage door on a budget

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