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The Benefits of Storing Your Car in a Garage

No matter how old or new your car is you’ll want to keep it safe and damage-free. If your home has a garage, then why not utilise this space by using it to store your car? You don’t need to completely remove all of your seasonal items that are kept in your garage either, simply organise them neatly in boxes, and add shelves and hooks to create more floor space for your vehicle. 

So what are the benefits of keeping your car in a garage? Read on for all you need to know.

Safety When your car is on display either on a driveway or on the road, it becomes vulnerable to opportunists or more calculated thieves. Furthermore, expensive cars may also make your entire home a target, as burglars could associate this vehicle with other valuable items that could be in your home, such as jewellery, gadgets and money. Instead, lock your car safely away in your garage, where passersby cannot get to it. 

Protection From scuffs and scratches to dents and smashed lights, whether it’s your fault or not your car is more at risk when it’s left on the road. Give yourself some peace of mind by protecting your car in a garage. What’s worse than getting in your vehicle and noticing chipped paintwork or a dent that wasn’t there before? Even small areas of damage can make any car look older than it is, this may not bother you now, but if you decide to sell your car this could affect the amount buyers are willing to pay. 

Save money As mentioned, when your car is exposed it can easily get damaged and this could mean high repair costs. Depending on the damage, costs can add up to hundreds of pounds and if you’re having to do this regularly you’ll be very out of pocket. Additionally, keeping your car in a safer place could, in fact, help you save money on your car insurance – as a garage is usually considered safer than a driveway or road, this puts you less at risk or accidents and damage, and therefore less of a liability for your insurer.

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