Lock Replacement & Change

Kay Garage Doors offers a comprehensive external and front door lock replacement service. Our team can install a range of locks from mortice to euro cylinder: great for when you lose your key or want to improve security.

Lock replacement from us is affordable and straightforward. Give our team a call today or get a free quote online to see just how little it could cost.

Types of Door Locks

Several options are available to you when you change locks with us. Here are some of the British Standard locks we love installing.

Multi-Point Locking System

Multi-point locking systems comprise a central handle with a locking mechanism strip running the length of the entire door. Turning the handle causes bolts to enter pre-drilled spaces at the frame’s top, middle and bottom, negating the need for separate hand-operated bolts. People get multi-point locking system replacements on uPVC doors after losing their keys. However, you can add such systems to other door types to improve security.

Rim Automatic Deadlatch

Rim automatic deadlatch systems lock with the handle from the inside and open with a key from the outside. Homeowners use this type of lock as an additional layer of security aside from the primary lock on the door.

Mortice Deadlock

Mortice deadlocks are among the simplest when you want to replace a lock. Units feature a keyhole that causes a bolt to move back and forth in a locking and unlocking motion when turned with the appropriate key. Most mortice locks fit into the timber edge of a door and have a latch or catch system (which sets them apart from deadlocks).

Euro Cylinder Lock

Euro cylinder locks are barrelled systems found mainly on uPVC doors. Also known as a “pure tumbler lock,” these units use a patented locking system dating back to the 19th century. Euro locks only snap at the end when forced, not the middle, improving their impact resilience.

Lock Replacement Services

Do you need a door lock change on your property? If so, Kay Garage doors can help. Our front door lock change service replaces damaged and obsolete locks, and when a key has gone missing.

Replace Any Lock On Your Property

No matter what type of lock you want to change, our team can help. We replace mortice locks, euro locks, multi-point locking systems, rim-automatic deadlatch and many others. Our team can give advice when you change the lock on your front door and tell you which options are the most secure and reliable.

Fix Broken Keys

A broken key stuck in the lock is a disaster, but our team can remove it professionally, leaving the rest of the unit intact. We have various tools to remove the key’s tip, such as wires, needle pliers and flathead screwdrivers.

Lock Replacement & Change
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Prices For Changing Locks

The price of changing a lock depends on several factors. 

  • The time of day. A front door lock change on a Monday morning will usually cost less than one on a Sunday night. 
  • Standard of lock. British Standard locks conforming to BS3621 tend to be more costly than less secure non-BS standard locks. 
  • The brand of the lock. Brand pricing varies significantly, as does quality. The higher your budget, the greater the security you will get.
  • The distance the locksmith must travel. Travel expenses are higher if locksmiths have to go further to change front door locks. 

Lock Replacement & Change

Frequently asked questions

There are often signs that your locks are compatible with British Standards. The clearest is that locks have the BS kitemark on their faceplate (on the part of the lock you can’t see when you close the door). This stamp of approval lets you know officials have tested the product and ensured it meets minimum approved standards for household use.

Yes, Kay Garage doors can change the lock for you. Whenever you lose a key, replacing the lock is the best option. People with criminal intent could find your key and use it to enter your home while you are away. Using trusted professionals ensures you fit your new units to the highest standards.

You may be able to tell what type of door lock you have by looking at the faceplate (the part you can’t see when you close the door). Kitemarked mortice locks conform to BS3621 standards.

Kay Garage Doors is your local front door lock replacement expert. We’ve helped countless homeowners in the local area, and we can help you, too.

Broken key in lock removal is one of our specialties. Give our team a call to extract broken keys and get your door working properly again.

Anyone in the UK can call themselves a locksmith. That’s why it’s critical to go to a company with a proven track record. You’ll want to make sure any locksmith you use quotes prices upfront and are part of the Master Locksmiths Association.

You can get house lock replacements from services like Kay Garage Doors. While our name might have the term “garage door” in it, we’re experts at all things door-related, including locks. Our technicians carry specialist equipment that lets them work on the most complex doors and locking mechanisms.

If you would like to learn more or would like to arrange a quote, get in touch with us today.