Keeping Your Pet Safe Around Your Garage Door

Can a Garage Door Hurt or Kill My pet?

Yes, garage doors pose a significant risk to pets if not handled properly. Pets, especially curious dogs and cats, can be seriously injured or killed if caught under or between a closing door. 

Automated garage doors can be dangerous when sensors fail or don’t detect smaller animals, causing accidental entrapment. Additionally, cables, springs, and other components can injure pets that play near them. 

Understanding these risks and implementing safety measures is vital to keep your beloved companions safe around your garage door.

Safety Tips For Pet Owners

Keep Garage Doors Closed and Secure

Maintaining a closed and secure garage door is a simple yet crucial step in keeping pets safe. Pets left unsupervised near an open garage door might wander outside and encounter traffic or other dangers. 

Additionally, a secure, locked door prevents unauthorised access that could put your pet at risk. For those with indoor-outdoor pets, using a pet door within the garage ensures animals can freely move around. However, additional measures should be taken to protect pets when inside and outside of the garage.  

Provide Adequate Ventilation

Garages can be stuffy and lack sufficient airflow, which can lead to heat buildup and a lack of fresh air. 

Make sure your garage is well-ventilated to protect pets from overheating or breathing in noxious fumes. You can achieve this by installing vents, keeping windows open during moderate weather, and avoiding running vehicles or other gas-emitting equipment inside. 

Adequate ventilation helps regulate temperatures and improves air quality, ensuring a healthier environment for pets.

Supervise Your Pets

Supervision is key when your pets are near the garage. Always keep a close eye on them, especially when operating the garage door or handling hazardous items. Curious animals might inadvertently approach dangerous areas or materials, increasing the risk of injury. 

If your garage contains items that could harm your pet, restrict their access entirely. Providing a designated safe space for your pet to play will also reduce the risk of accidental exposure to hazards.

Never Tie Your Dog to the Garage Door

Never tie your dog to a garage door or its components. 

While it might seem like a convenient temporary tethering solution, garage doors can activate without warning or your pet could become tangled in the mechanism. This could lead to strangulation, crushing injuries or worse. 

Instead, if you need to secure your dog, use a sturdy, well-anchored post or leash outside of any moving mechanical parts.

Consider a Pet Door

A pet door is a useful solution for owners whose pets frequently move between the house and garage. This door provides pets with the freedom to move safely without requiring you to keep the garage door open. 

Ensure the pet door is appropriately sized for your animal and leads to a secure area where they cannot encounter additional hazards. 

Installing a pet door within a connecting door between the house and garage can enhance safety while giving pets access to both spaces.

Schedule Regular Maintenance of the Garage Door

Regular garage maintenance is essential to identify and resolve potential hazards. 

Periodically inspect the mechanical components like springs, cables and sensors to confirm they are functioning correctly. Lubricate moving parts and test the automatic reverse feature regularly to ensure the door reverses immediately upon contact with an object. 

Promptly address worn or damaged parts to prevent malfunction, which could result in accidents that endanger pets.

Dangers to pets Garages can Present 

Accidental Entrapment

Accidental entrapment is one of the most serious dangers garage doors pose to pets. Automated doors that lack functioning safety sensors or auto-reverse features can crush pets if they are caught beneath them. 

Inquisitive animals might also become trapped in partially open garage doors or climb onto mechanisms where they could be injured. Ensure sensors are properly aligned and test them regularly to confirm they detect even small animals.

Chemicals and Toxic Substances

Garages often contain chemicals and toxic substances that are harmful to pets. Antifreeze, cleaning supplies, pesticides and other chemicals can be attractive to animals due to their sweet smell or bright colours. 

Keep these substances in tightly sealed containers, and store them on high shelves out of your pet’s reach. Additionally, regularly inspect your garage for leaks or spills that could lead to accidental ingestion by your pets.

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures pose another danger to pets in garages. Garages tend to amplify outdoor temperatures, becoming unbearably hot in summer or freezing in winter. Both conditions can result in heat stroke or hypothermia, especially when the garage lacks proper ventilation or insulation. 

Never leave pets unattended in the garage for long periods during extreme weather conditions, and ensure the space is climate-controlled if your pet needs to be there temporarily.

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