How to Boost the Appearance of Your Home: From Updating Your Garage Door to Installing New Lighting

While many people take pride in the interior of their home, it can be easy to forget about the exterior and let easy maintenance go months or years without any attention. However, boosting the appearance of your home from the outside is simple, and doesn’t need to break the bank. From luscious gardens to statement front doors, the outside look of your home is just as important as the inside – as the first thing that you, passerby, guests and your neighbours see, a quick tidy up and some affordable changes can make your home stand out from the rest.

So how can you boost the appearance of your home? Read on for our top tips for boosting kurb appeal and making your home just as attractive on the outside, as it is on the inside. 

Simple ideas for boosting your home’s appearance Everyone wants their home to look good, and this can be achieved on a wide range of budgets. Poor maintenance such as overgrown lawns and rough paint jobs can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your property. But, with a quick refresh and some new installations, you can add character and charm to your home’s appearance. Below we explain some of the ways that you can do so.

Updating your front door You may not realise, but your front door makes a statement about your whole property. As the central feature of your home, a door that looks tired, damaged or old fashioned can reflect badly on the rest of your property. But updating your front door is fairly simple. If your current door is still in good condition apart from wear and tear, showing it some TLC can bring it back to life. 

Why not give your front door a fresh coat of paint? And you could even jazz things up by going for a new colour. Plus many paints on the market today include weather shielding properties that make maintenance that little bit easier to manage. However, if your front door has seen better days then it may be due for an upgrade. Composite doors, for example, have become popular over recent years, due to their multi-layered properties, added security and aesthetic. 

Installing a new garage door Just like your front door, your garage door should also be well-maintained. If you choose to store your car or other valuables in your garage, then it’s not worth ignoring repairs. Broken hinges and loose mechanisms can make your garage a target for opportunists, not to mention, make it difficult to use each time you want to get in or out. Plus, garages that have cracked paint and other kinds of wear and tear may not match up to the rest of your home’s appearance, making your whole property look older than it is.

To boost your home’s appearance, depending on the condition of your garage door you may require a new paint job or a new door entirely. Matching your front door with your garage door will help the exterior of your home coordinate, and with expert garage door fitters you can find a new system that works for you.

Here at Kay Garage Doors, our garage door installations are modern, clean and secure – improving the look of your home and it’s functionality. With a range of colours, designs and systems to choose from, we’ll help you find a garage doors that fits your home.

Clean your driveway From muddy footprints to oil spills, driveways are subject to a whole host of debris and dirt that can instantly make them look uncared for. Paved driveways in particular, can get a buildup of dirt in between paving or cracked slabs that look unsightly, and more importantly, make the driveway unsafe. To combat this, get repairs done as soon as you can to avoid any injuries and boost appearance.
Additionally, why not schedule one afternoon to tackle all those pesky weeds that have sprung up in between slabs and give everything a clean up? Start by sweeping up loose dirt with a hard bristle outdoor brush and then use a grout tool to remove debris from between paving tiles. Next, use a pressure washer (these can be hired too) and blast away the loose dirt before applying a weed-killing treatment. If you have any stains on your driveway, such as oil spills from your car, then these can also be removed using a specialist treatment from a good-quality hardware store. 

Add greenery Trees, bushes and flowerbeds should be trimmed and looked after to prevent your front and back garden from becoming overgrown. Pruning weeds is a great place to start, as this can instantly boost your garden’s appearance, making it look a lot neater and cared for. Mowing your grass and shaping bushes will also keep things in tip top shape.

If you want to add some colour, why not take a trip to your local garden centre and pick up a range of beautiful flowers and plants? Utilise your flower beds or add hanging baskets around your front door to create an inviting and decorative feel. This can also be done in your back garden, creating an attractive and well-designed border. But, if you’d like a complete garden overhaul, then hire a professional landscaping team who can transform your front or back garden into an area that you’ll be proud of.

Finding the right garage door company If installing a new garage doors is a top priority for your home, it’s important that you find a reliable company to complete the work. A good installation will last you years, so never rush your decision – carry on reading for our top tips on finding a high-quality garage door company.

● Choice of systems – unless you have your mind set on a particular garage system, then it’s worth looking into companies that offer several options. A professional company should be able to guide you through each garage door and help you weigh up the pros and cons of each. Perhaps you’re interested in an automated door but don’t know much about them or maybe an up and over door seems best. All of this can be discussed in detail, when you choose a company with a variety of garage doors for sale. 
● Repairs and servicing – arranging your installation with a company that also offers repairs and maintenance, can provide you with the reassurance you need. Frequent servicing can prevent major faults from occurring that could otherwise leave you with a big bill. 
● Cost – of course, the price of your installation is a big contributing factor in choosing which company to go with. It’s important that you strike the right balance between affordability and quality, so bear this in mind when looking for the best deal.
● Repeatable – do you have any family or friends that can recommend a garage company? Choosing a company that has great recommendations is often the encouragement you need to make a decision. Check their website for testimonials and reviews as this will give you an idea of their previous work, if you spot a repeating pattern of negative feedback this is something you should consider before going any further.

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