How Much Does It Cost to Get a Wooden Garage Door Repaired?

Did you know that garage doors are only intended to be used for 10,000 cycles before they need a repair or replacement? Don’t worry, you are far from alone. Before arranging a professional wooden garage door repair job, however, you must know how much it will cost.

Given that over half of garage owners use them as their primary entry point, keeping the wooden garage door in good health should be a priority. Here’s all you need to know about the costs involved.

Why repair the garage door?

Before analysing the costs involved for a professional wooden garage door repair in Stirling, it is important to appreciate the reasons for completing a restoration. Some of the key benefits to be gained from treating your garage door include, but are not limited to;

  • Increased security, especially if you incorporate new locks and bolts or lighting features and alarms.
  • Improved aesthetics, can boost your relationship with the property and make your property the envy of your neighbours.
  • Protection against adverse weather while simultaneously, boosting energy efficiency throughout the year.

Repair jobs aren’t the only option available. However, research from shows that new wooden garage doors cost an average of £1,750 for a single up and over solution or £2,750 for a double. The prices can be even higher for premium wooden garage door styles including sliding garage doors or carriage-style doors.

Given that a restoration service can often deliver the same results at a fraction of the cost, the repair route is the first option that people should consider.

After all, wooden garage door repair work is often quicker to complete as new doors do not need to be designed and manufactured. Similarly, the lack of waste material and the need to dispose of an old door can make it an eco-friendly option.

Factors that can influence the cost of repairing a wooden garage door:

  1. Type of Repair: The cost will depend on the type of repair required. Common repairs include fixing or replacing damaged panels, repairing or replacing the door’s hardware (such as hinges, rollers, tracks), fixing alignment issues, addressing weather damage, and treating wood rot.
  2. Extent of Damage: The more extensive the damage, the more it might cost to repair. Minor issues like a loose hinge or a small dent might be less expensive to fix than major structural damage or widespread wood rot.
  3. Labor Costs: Labor costs can vary based on location and the expertise of the garage door repair professionals. Skilled technicians might charge higher rates, but they may provide more reliable and long-lasting repairs.
  4. Material Costs: The cost of materials will depend on the type of wood used for your garage door and the specific parts that need replacement. Some types of wood might be more expensive to source and repair.
  5. Additional Services: If the repair involves refinishing or repainting the door after the repair, these additional services can also contribute to the overall cost.
  6. Emergency Repairs: If you require immediate repairs outside of regular business hours, emergency service fees might apply, which can increase the overall cost.

What can wooden garage door repair jobs fix?

Unfortunately, not all damage can be fixed. So, if the wooden garage door is rotting or beyond repair, it will be necessary to replace it. However, repair jobs are great for isolated and localised issues. Some examples include:

  • The door feels imbalance or has the wrong weight distribution,
  • It is showing resistance when opening or closing it,
  • The damage is found on a single panel rather than the entire structure.

Where possible, arranging the repair for early summer is a great option. However, if you notice a sudden problem at any time of the year, calling an expert to provide prompt service is advised. Otherwise, you will leave yourself vulnerable to escalating problems.

How much does a wooden garage door repair cost?

Well over 10 million UK homes now have garages. Whether used for their intended purchase or to store things, garage door faults are among the most common issues. When asking “how much does it cost to repair a wooden garage door?”, you need to consider three factors;

  • Materials used,
  • Labour costs,
  • VAT.

There are also a number of variables to consider when pricing up an individual repair job, such as the size of the door, the type and severity of the damage, and the time required to fix it. Ultimately, though, it is suggested that most garage door repair jobs will fall into the region of £100 to £400, with £175-£225 providing an accurate ballpark figure for most jobs. 

When compared to the costs (and time) of a replacement, it’s not hard to see the appeal. For the most accurate results, it’s best to look at some of the individual jobs that may be required:


In many cases, dents are purely cosmetic. So, while they are the most common problem, they may not impact too much other than the aesthetic appeal. However, when they start to impact the door’s open and close functions, you must act fast. Dents often cost under £100 to fix because it is just a case of filling in the hole or chipped part of the panel.


Garage door motors are responsible for opening and closing the structure. When it can be fixed by replacing a few parts, it shouldn’t take more than 1-2 hours. The majority of assignments will cost between £50-£125, although the motor model and specifics of the job can heavily influence the outcome. In some cases, a replacement will be required. 

Track repair

If the wood garage door has come off the track, putting it back on shouldn’t take too much time and will cost around £80. However, if more extensive work, such as replacing the track is needed, this could bump the cost up to £150-£250. As well as being a more complex issue, it’ll take more time to complete the work too.

Spring repair

Torsion springs are required to distribute the weight of the door. When damaged, it is likely that you will be able to replace it without changing the entire torsion system. If this is the case, you can expect to pay £75 for the repair work. More complex issues may creep over the £100 mark, but not by far. Your door will open and close in a far smoother fashion.

The true cost of your garage door repair will depend on the time, materials, and complexities. As such, it’s always best to get a full quote before committing to the job. Nonetheless, as the rough estimates above show, it’ll save you a lot of money compared to replacing a door completely.

Can I not just fix it myself?

Could you complete the wooden garage door repair yourself? Possibly, if you’re an advanced DIYer. Should you? Absolutely not. Firstly, the garage door is a key safety feature of your property that you cannot afford to let malfunction. Secondly, attempting to fix dents or incorrectly replace single components could cause more damage than good, not least when you consider that the subsequent repair will need to correct your poor workmanship too.

In short, if your wooden garage door needs a repair job, it’s best to call an experienced team of professionals like Kay Garage Doors. Get in touch to get your project started today.

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