Garage Doors FAQ’s

1. Are Your Garage Doors Secure Against Thieves?

Yes, our garage doors are designed with security in mind. We offer options with sturdy locking mechanisms and durable materials to help protect your garage from potential break-ins.

2. Do your Garage Doors Come with a Warranty?

Yes, we provide warranties on our garage doors. The specific warranty terms may vary depending on the type and brand of the door. Please refer to our brochures for specific details.

3. Will you Install my Garage Door?

Absolutely! We offer professional installation services for our garage doors. Our experienced technicians will ensure proper installation for optimal functionality and security.

4. Will you Take Down My Old Garage Door?

Yes, as part of our installation services, we can remove and dispose of your old garage door to make the process more convenient for you.

5. Are your Garage Doors Electric?

Yes, we provide options for electric garage doors. These doors can be operated with ease using remote controls, adding convenience to your daily routine.

6. Do You Supply Replacement Parts for Garage Doors?

We offer replacement parts for garage doors, ensuring that you can maintain and repair your doors as needed. Contact us for specific part availability.

7. Are your Garage Doors Weatherproof?

Yes, our garage doors are designed to withstand various weather conditions. They are weatherproof and constructed to protect your garage and its contents from the elements.

8. I Need More Assistance, Can I Contact You?

Certainly, we are here to help. You can contact our team for any additional information, questions, or assistance you may need regarding our garage doors and services.

9. Are Your Garage Doors Insulated?

Yes, we offer insulated garage doors that help regulate the temperature in your garage. Insulated doors are beneficial for energy efficiency and climate control.

10. How much Headroom is Needed for the Garage Door to Function?

The required headroom can vary based on the type and design of the garage door. Contact us, and we can help determine the specific headroom needed for your door.

11. When I Replace My Existing Garage Door, Can I Keep My Old Track?

In some cases, existing tracks can be reused, but it depends on the new door’s compatibility and the condition of the old track. Our technicians can assess this during installation.

12. How Long Can a Garage Door Installation Take?

The installation time can vary based on the type of garage door and any specific requirements. On average, it can take a few hours to a day. Our team will provide an estimate based on your installation.

13. Is an Up & Over Garage Door Suitable for All Age Groups in Terms of Safety?

Up & over garage doors are generally safe, but it’s important to exercise caution, especially with children. Ensure safety features are in place, and educate family members on proper use.

14. Do you Charge for Somebody to Come to My House to Do a Site Survey?

We often offer free site surveys to assess your needs and provide accurate quotes. Contact us for details regarding site surveys.

15. Do I Need to Service My Garage Door?

Regular servicing of your garage door is recommended to maintain its performance and safety. Our team can provide routine maintenance and inspections.

16. Is It Likely That My Garage Door will Discolour in the Sun?

Our garage doors are designed to resist sun damage and maintain their appearance. They are often UV-resistant to prevent discoloration.

17. Do you Repair Garage Doors?

Yes, we offer repair services for garage doors. Whether it’s a minor issue or significant damage, our technicians can address and fix the problem.

18. Am I able to Share my Feedback and Review my Experience with your Service?

Yes, we encourage customers to leave reviews and feedback on their experiences and the quality of our products. Your input helps us improve our services.

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