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Kay Garage Door specialist in servicing all kinds of our garage doors in Stirlingshire and across Central Scotland. We’re trusted by homeowners and commercial businesses thanks to our decades of experience and outstanding reputation for responding to our customers’ needs quickly, efficiently and to an impeccable standard. We supply, install, service and repair many brands of our garage door maintenance company, which include these leading manufacturers and many more:

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How often do garage doors need maintenance?

Most garage door models require maintenance every 12 months. Commercial garage doors in heavy use may need servicing more often, particularly if they have complex opening mechanisms. If you don’t service garage doors regularly, they can become hazardous, putting you and other property users at risk. You may need more regular servicing if you have a sectional garage door because of the sheer number of moving parts. 

Benefits of Garage Door Maintenance

Garage doors maintenance services bring a host of benefits which we discuss in detail below.

Runs smoothly

Failing to service garage doors could cause them to run inconsistently or not at all. Units may be uneven or shudder during the opening process. They may also creak and make noises, damaging opening mechanisms.

Regular garage door maintenance removes and replaces worn parts and ensures the door remains balanced. Technicians resolve issues with electric motors, hinges and rails so that units open like new.

Enhances energy efficiency

Modern motorised garage doors are energy efficient. However, they can become less so if there are issues with the opening mechanism. The motor must work harder to overcome resistance in the system, increasing your energy bills.

Sectional garage door maintenance fixes issues causing inefficiency. Technicians correct the door’s balance, lubricate any chains and ensure that runners and hinges work adequately.

Improve Safety

Regularly maintaining garage doors also improves safety. Poorly maintained units are potentially hazardous.

Safety is one of the primary drivers of commercial garage door maintenance. Businesses do it regularly to protect their customers and colleagues. However, it also benefits homeowners and prevents late-night trips to A&E.

Increased Lifespan

Some doors, including roll-up garage doors, can last up to 30 years with proper maintenance. However, their lives can be significantly shorter if you don’t get an annual garage door maintenance service.

Increase Property Value

Garage door servicing can also increase property value significantly – £11,000 by some estimates. Therefore, you may get more money back than you put in. You’ll also enjoy the convenience of a garage door that works every time, reducing stress. 

Types of Garage Door Services Offered by Kay Garage Doors

Kay Garage Doors offers a range of manual and automated garage doors maintenance services designed to keep your doors in good condition, regardless of make and model.


Garage door maintenance and repairs

Whether you have an automated garage door or a manual version, we have over 35 years of experience in serving the Stirling community as well as customers all across Central Scotland. Our workmanship, customer service, professionalism and technical knowledge are second to none, plus we’re dedicated to offering fantastic value for money every time.

Garage Doors Stirling


Frequently asked questions

Garage doors need regular maintenance, much like any engine. On average, garage doors require maintenance every one to five years, but this can vary depending on how much you use your door and the environment within which it operates (i.e. heat, humidity). If you’re experiencing issues with your garage door, such as loud noises while opening or closing the door, loud grinding sounds, panel damage or a door that isn’t staying open on its own, it’s time to schedule a service call.

Most garage doors last between 15 and 30 years, though it depends on the door, you and your environment. Maintenance is an essential factor in your garage door’s lifetime use. Be sure to check your garage door’s components periodically for wear and necessary repairs.

If your garage door is falling apart, you may need to replace it. Here are some signs that indicate replacement is necessary:

1. The garage door opener doesn’t work properly or at all
2. Your garage door gets stuck or it’s hard to open and close
3. The garage door has dents, holes or other significant damage
4. The garage door opener is old and needs frequent repairs
5. Your garage door opens by itself when you are not home
6. You can see daylight through the garage door when it’s closed
7. Parts of the garage door are broken or missing
8. There are visible garage door cables
9. The garage door is hard to close when you are inside the garage
10. The garage door opens slowly or closes too quickly
11. You hear strange sounds every time your garage door opens or closes

If you notice any of these signs, it’s probably time to replace your garage door. Contact Kay Garage Door replacement team today.

A garage door tune-up can prevent garage door problems from happening. It involves a short visual inspection of all the working parts of your door system. The technician will look for loose bolts and screws, check rollers and hinges, tighten anything wobbly, lubricate parts that need oiling, check garage door opener systems, and make sure the garage door is balanced.

The garage door can be very loud if not maintained properly. Here are some reasons why garage doors can be noisy:

Misaligned garage door tracks and rollers – if the garage door has been installed recently but still seems to produce too much noise, it could be due to a misalignment of the track and rollers. This will require garage door maintenance to correct.

Uneven garage door tracks – garage doors that are not installed properly will often produce loud sounds whenever the garage is opened or closed. This is due to the garage door panels not lining up correctly on the track, which causes uneven weight distribution and puts too much force on one area of the garage door panel.

Garage door does not fit garage door frame – garage doors should always fit the garage opening. If it is too small, the garage will rub each time the garage door goes up and down. If it is too big, the garage will be loose when in use and can cause a banging noise while going up and down.

Badly fitted garage door panels – garage doors that are not properly fitted to their openings will often cause garage noise, especially near the bottom section where it comes into contact with the garage frame. This is usually due to poor installation or old garage door springs.

Garage door rollers are worn-out – garage door rollers are designed to last up to 10 years, depending on the garage door and garage door opener. Their life depends on how much garage door usage they are subjected to. Worn out garage rollers will require garage door maintenance, which should include replacing them with new ones or repairing bent garage door tracks if necessary.

Should you DIY fix your garage door? In general, the answer is “no.” It might save some money upfront, but you may fail to get good results. Modern garage doors are complex and require specialist knowledge and tools to fix. Working on them yourself could result in extra damage to the system, forfeiting your warranty, or costing you a lot of time.

On the other hand, professional garage door services provide all the tools and expertise necessary to correct any issue. Our team understands wooden garage doors (and other varieties) inside and out and can diagnose and remedy problems fast. Technicians bring all the equipment to your property to get the job done. 

Garage door technicians will call you before they arrive at your property to let you know they are on the way. When they arrive, they will begin performing a routine inspection of garage door elements, including the tracks, spring system, hardware, and opener. They will ask you a few questions about the garage door if there are issues and perform a full diagnostic.

Technicians arrive at your property with a fully-stocked van with replacement parts, nuts and bolts and essential tools. They have everything necessary to keep your door running smoothly and consistently, regardless of the issues it faces.

Before technicians leave, they may also give you garage door maintenance tips. These might include using your door less frequently by exiting your property via the main door and keeping the unit clean.

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