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At Kay Garage Doors, we offer a wide range of top-quality garage door services for domestic clients, commercial businesses and local authorities throughout Glasgow and across the surrounding area. With a wealth of expertise and decades of experience, you can count on us to find a garage door solution that perfectly suits your needs. 

We pride ourselves on offering reliable, versatile and 100% customised services, which include garage door installation, garage door maintenance and servicing, garage door replacement, garage door spare parts, and even emergency garage door repairs for when the situation calls for an extremely fast response.

We work with all garage door types

Whatever kind of garage door you have in mind, we have the skills and expertise to deliver an outstanding service. To bring you complete peace of mind, you can rest assured that our professional engineers work with the following types of garage doors on a daily basis:

Garage Doors Services in Glasgow

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Garage door repairs and servicing Glasgow

When you need garage door repairs in Glasgow, we’re here to fulfil all of your requirements and exceed your expectations. We can usually repair a garage door quickly and affordably, ensuring that everything is back up and running in no time at all. However, if the door has reached the end of its operational life, we’ll let you know why it can’t be fixed, discuss your options and offer expert suggestions.

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Garage door replacement Glasgow

Garage doors go through a lot over the years, ranging from hot summers and freezing winters to the gradual wear and tear caused by daily use. When the point is reached where repair is no longer an option, we can carry out the highest standard of garage door replacement for a price that suits your budget.

You can also rest assured that we have a huge selection of garage doors available, as we stock and install models from leading manufacturers that include Garador, Hörmann, Novoferm, Cardale and many more top brands. We’re also a specialist when it comes to automatic garage doors in Glasgow, so maybe it’s time for a luxurious and time-saving upgrade?

Not sure which type or style of garage door to go for? Don’t worry, we’re always more than happy to offer helpful guidance and expert recommendations if you’re looking to replace your current garage door system. Simply ask us for advice and we’ll help you to pick a new garage door that suits your needs and complements the style of your property.

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Garage door spare parts Glasgow

A garage door can develop faults as time passes, which can cause it to become stiff, clunky or jammed in the wrong position. This can make access very difficult or even impossible, which is why we also supply industry-standard garage door spare parts to customers across Glasgow. Regular garage door maintenance is a wise investment of time, as it can help your garage door to remain in full working order far into the future.

Kay Garage Doors Stirling

Emergency garage door repairs Glasgow

Has your garage door become misaligned and is now difficult to open and close? It could even be that the door is malfunctioning to the extent that it’s completely jammed or dangerous to operate. Whatever the case when it comes to faulty or damaged garage doors, we offer speedy garage door repairs to domestic and commercial customers in the Glasgow area. If you need us to visit your property very quickly or out of hours, make sure to book our emergency garage door repair service.

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Professional garage door installation services Glasgow

Is your garage door rusty, showing its age and a bit of an eyesore? Or it could be that your garage door simply no longer matches the appearance of your property and you’re looking for a sleeker design. With over 35 years of experience in delivering outstanding services across Glasgow, the team here at Kay Garage Doors has established itself as a trusted garage door installation company with customers far and wide. 

Offering a wide range of options to suit every budget, we can provide fast, affordable and stress-free garage door installation to homeowners and businesses in Glasgow and beyond. If you’re not sure what kind of new garage door or upgrade you need, we’re ready to help you choose a solution to match your requirements, which could be any of the following:

  • Automated garage doors
  • Up-and-over garage doors
  • Sectional garage doors
  • Roller garage doors
  • Wooden garage doors
Up-and-over Garage Doors
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Our commitment to Health and Safety

At Kay Garage Doors, health and safety are absolutely paramount. A poorly-installed garage door can be inconvenient at the best of times, and downright dangerous at worst. That is why we go above and beyond to ensure that every door we install is compliant with safety standards as set out by UK regulatory bodies. These standards include the following requirements:

Supply-only service

We understand that some of our customers would prefer to carry out repairs or maintenance themselves.

That is why we also offer a supply-only service, providing our customers with components from our trusted brands so that they can carry out the repairs without the need for a technician. We only use the best quality suppliers, so this service provides peace of mind that you are working with industry-approved products that will be running smoothly for years to come.

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Frequently asked questions

We understand that cost is important, so here’s an idea of what we may charge for garage door repairs. Depending on the level of the damage and the nature of the repairs required, our garage door repair service could cost anywhere between £65 and £400. Make sure to get in touch for a fully tailored quote.

When a garage door begins to detach from its tracks, it can cause a serious risk to health and safety. Garage doors are very large and heavy objects, so a door that’s off track should never be ignored. Here are the steps you should take if your garage door is off track: 

  • Disconnect the opener so that the door can be operated manually.
  • Open the garage door.
  • Find the jamming wheels and put a stop on the tracks.
  • Bring the wheels back on track and test the door manually.
  • If the door is moving smoothly again, check the automatic operations to make sure everything is working properly.
  • If in doubt, get in touch with Kay Garage Doors.

Garage door emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. Usually, it will be a case of a garage door remote not working and prohibiting access to the garage. On other occasions, it could be that the garage door is stuck in place (either fully open, fully closed or somewhere in between), there are grinding noises during operation, or the system is experiencing power outages. When you need an emergency garage door repair service in Glasgow, it’s time to call Kay Garage Doors.

A garage door can become jammed whilst fully open, partially open or entirely closed. This is often caused by weather conditions affecting the door’s operation, small debris such as leaves or stones blocking its path, and occasionally a poor quality door or shoddy installation causing it to get stuck. If your garage door is being stubborn, get in touch with our team and ask for a free quotation.

Our skilled and trusted technicians are based in Stirling and also regularly visit customers in the following areas:

This means that wherever you live in Central Scotland, Kay Garage Doors can bring a professional garage door repair service to your property.