Can a damaged garage door be repaired?

A garage door is a crucial component of any home or business, providing safety and security to your property. However, like any mechanical system, garage doors can become damaged over time. Damage to a garage door can be caused by various factors such as natural wear and tear, weather or lack of maintenance. The question is, can a damaged garage door be repaired, or is replacement the only option?

Types of garage door damage

Minor scratches

Minor scratches are common garage door issues that can often be fixed without the need for replacement. If the scratches are superficial, a technician can easily repair them using filler materials or by sanding the surface. The repair process involves filling the scratched area with putty, sanding the surface until it’s smooth, and then painting it to match the original colour of the garage door. This type of repair is relatively easy and cost-effective, making it a popular option for homeowners.

Broken or worn-out springs & cables

Garage door springs & cables play a crucial role in lifting and lowering the door. They are under constant tension, which means they can wear out or break over time. Broken or worn-out springs can cause the garage door to become imbalanced, making it difficult or impossible to open or close. If you notice that your garage door is opening and closing slower than usual, or if it’s making strange noises, it could be due to damaged springs or cables.

Replacing garage door springs & cables is not a DIY task, and it’s best left to professionals. Attempting to repair or replace the springs yourself can be dangerous, as they are under high tension and can cause serious injury if mishandled. A qualified technician can replace the broken or worn-out springs with new ones, ensuring that your garage door is functioning correctly and safely.

Misaligned tracks

The tracks that guide the garage door can become misaligned due to various factors such as accidental impact, improper installation, or natural wear and tear. Misaligned tracks can cause the garage door to become stuck or even fall off its tracks.

Repairing misaligned tracks involves realigning them using specialised tools and equipment. A qualified technician can inspect the tracks, determine the cause of the misalignment, and then make the necessary adjustments to ensure that the garage door is functioning correctly.

In conclusion, whether a damaged garage door can be repaired or not depends on the type and extent of the damage. While some garage door damages can be repaired with ease, some require the replacement of the entire door. 

As a general rule, it’s always best to have a professional assess the damage and determine the most appropriate course of action. By doing so, you can ensure that your garage door is repaired or replaced efficiently and safely, restoring its functionality and providing you with peace of mind.

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