9 Garage Conversion Ideas To Add Value To Your Home

If you’re thinking of expanding your home without physically extending it, a garage conversion could be the perfect solution. By utilising this existing space, you can create an entirely new room that complements your lifestyle. 

However, you might ask yourself, “Do I need planning permission to convert my garage?” Often, planning permission is not required unless you are significantly altering the exterior, especially the garage door, or changing the use of the space entirely. However, building regulations still apply. 

In this guide, we explore how converting your garage can add value to your property and enhance your living experience, whether you opt for a bedroom, living space or specialised room.

Convert Garage to Bedroom

Transforming a garage into a bedroom is a popular choice, especially for growing families or those who want a guest room or rental opportunity. 

Ensure the space complies with building regulations for insulation and ventilation. Choose whether to keep the existing garage door or replace it with a large window to gain some natural light. 

This garage conversion type can also include an ensuite bathroom, provided the plumbing infrastructure allows for it. An ensuite would also create a private, self-contained space for visiting family members.

Convert Garage to Living Space

Converting your garage into a living space can add a whole new dimension to your home’s layout. It can become an extra family room, media room or entertainment space. 

Retaining the existing garage door is practical if you use it as a feature or an access point for indoor-outdoor living. However, if the door is old or unappealing, replace it with French doors or a modern sliding glass system to maximise light and make the space more inviting. Include ample insulation and heating to make the environment comfortable throughout the seasons. 

Convert Garage into Kitchen

Converting a garage into a kitchen provides a unique opportunity to create a culinary haven. It offers the opportunity to add an island, pantry or expansive counter space. 

Whether you retain the garage door or replace it, aim to harmonise it with the kitchen’s design theme. Large folding doors can provide easy access to an adjacent outdoor dining area. 

Ensure proper plumbing and electrical installations comply with building regulations, and use durable materials like stainless steel and tiles for easy maintenance. The new kitchen space can be tailored to suit your cooking style, from family-friendly to gourmet!

Convert Garage to Gym

A home gym is a great way to convert your garage into a functional, health-oriented space. Keeping the garage door allows for excellent ventilation during workouts, but replacing it with glass doors or windows can offer a bright and energising atmosphere. 

Consider installing an epoxy floor, which is durable, cushioned and non-slip, making it suitable for weights, cardio equipment or stretching. Mirrors along one wall can visually expand the space and help monitor form. With proper lighting and the right layout, the gym can accommodate various activities, from yoga and Pilates to strength training.

Convert Garage to Office

Research by GoCompare found that 11% of garage conversions are to create a home office. This is due to the growing number of people who now work from home. 

Turning your garage into an office can give you a dedicated workspace that feels separate from the rest of the house, enhancing productivity. Having a designated zone for working can also help you switch off at the end of the day. 

Replacing your garage door with a sound-insulated version will help to establish a quiet environment. Adding windows or glass doors can also flood the room with natural light. 

Include plenty of electrical outlets for computers and equipment, and consider a high-speed internet connection for seamless work. Built-in shelving, ergonomic furniture and a modern desk can make this space functional and stylish.

Convert Garage to Utility Room

A utility room is a practical option for garage conversions, offering a space where laundry, storage and other household tasks can be contained in one area. You can retain the garage door if its industrial aesthetic suits your utilitarian design. Alternatively, replace the door with insulated panels or windows for a brighter, more inviting atmosphere.

To maximise storage, organise the space with shelving, cabinets and racks. Tall washing machine cupboards are particularly useful, allowing you to stack your washer and dryer while hiding them away, freeing up floor space for other activities or storage needs. 

Make sure plumbing and ventilation are appropriately set up for washing machines and dryers. Durable, moisture-resistant flooring is a must, ensuring easy cleaning and preventing potential water damage.

Convert Garage into a Bar

Creating a bar in your garage can turn your home into a hub for entertainment. You could keep the garage door to open up for parties or replace it with sliding glass doors to extend the bar’s atmosphere outdoors. 

Incorporate a counter, bar stools and shelving for alcohol storage. A small refrigerator or beer tap can also add flair. Ambient lighting and themed decor can transform the space into a stylish speakeasy or sports bar, providing a unique space for socialising with friends or unwinding.

Convert Garage to Salon

Rather than renting a chair in a salon, a garage conversion to a salon is a much cheaper and more convenient option. Whether for a hair or nails business, the existing garage door can offer easy access for clients. However, replacing it with a new door can make your garage look and feel more like a professional beauty environment. 

Plan the layout for a reception desk, styling stations and storage. Proper plumbing and ventilation are essential for hair washing stations or nail products. Make sure the aesthetic reflects your brand to provide clients with a relaxing experience.

Convert Garage to Garden Room

A garden room offers a serene retreat or greenhouse-like environment that brings nature indoors. 

Keep or replace the garage door with a large window or glass sliding doors to allow for abundant light. Furnish the space with comfortable seating, planters and bookshelves to create a peaceful escape. 

Include built-in planters or indoor hydroponic systems for gardening enthusiasts who want to grow herbs or vegetables year-round. 

Heating, ventilation and moisture-resistant flooring are also essential to maintain an ideal indoor environment for plants and people alike.

Does Converting a Garage Add Value?

Converting a garage can significantly increase your property’s value, often offering a return on investment ranging from 10% to 20%. A garage conversion also appeals to potential buyers seeking flexible living spaces, making the home more marketable. 

Maintaining or replacing the garage door with an upgraded, aesthetically pleasing version can enhance kerb appeal and blend the converted area seamlessly with the rest of the house. However, consider local market trends: in areas where parking space is scarce, retaining the garage for vehicle storage could be more valuable than converting it.

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