11 Garage Storage Ideas That Spark Joy

Did you know that around 70% of garages in the UK are currently used for storage rather than parking?

Since garages offer the perfect solution to hide clutter or hobbies away from the main areas of our homes this is perhaps no surprise. Some of the most popular items stored in garages include bikes, tools, camping supplies and outdoor toys. 

Although using a garage for storage can be extremely handy, clutter and a lack of organisation can soon create an unsightly space. Therefore, effective garage storage which seeks to organise and maximise every inch can make a huge difference.

If you’re yet to tackle that cluttered garage of yours – here are 11 top tips from the experts here at Kay Garage Doors on the types of garage storage ideas to consider. 

Wall-Mounted Units 

We begin our mammoth list of storage ideas for garages by considering your walls. After all, walls offer up some of the largest usable space of any room including in your garage. 

Wall-mounted units create a quick and convenient place to store any items you don’t want to keep on display. This can include potentially dangerous products that you don’t want children or pets to access. For instance, tools, cleaning products or garden fertilising products. 

Wall-mounted units also provide the option to have open units or cabinets with doors. In particular, cabinets with doors complete with lockable doors are a good option for storing potentially hazardous items. Whichever option you choose, items will be kept out of reach and off the floors. 

Shelving can also be integrated within wall-mounted units to make the most of any internal cabinet space.  

Multi-Use Storage Walls

Surfboards and bicycles in empty garage

When you take wall-mounted units and up the ante – you get multi-use storage walls! 

A multi-use storage wall can create a more versatile space. Crucially, you can also keep even more items off the floors by increasing the amount of items which can be stored on the walls. 

Therefore, multi-use storage is ideal for those in search of small garage storage ideas. Likewise, this format provides single car garage storage ideas when other solutions just aren’t feasible. 

Also, with a multi-use setup, you could still park your car inside the garage where space permits, since the focus is on the walls rather than using up precious floor space. 

In addition, for those who use their garage as a home gym, cinema or as a place to work from home, multi-use storage would also work well. 


installing wooden shelves wall installing a shelf installation of shelves

Those in search of cheap garage storage solutions should look no further than shelving. 

Shelving can be used for a broad range of purposes when it comes to storing your worldly goods in the garage. 

Garage storage shelves come in a huge selection of shapes, sizes and colours. You can choose from basic shelves or more complex shelving systems designed to make a style statement. 

Shelves are great for storing bulk items such as old DVDs and CDs. Likewise, custom shelving can house tools, toys, camping equipment, electrical appliances and gadgets. 

Before ordering shelves for your garage, pay attention to the weight of the items you wish to store. Traditional wooden shelving should suffice for regular loads. Sturdy, metal shelves are a great option for heavy items like bowling balls, toolboxes, tyres and ceramic garden pots. 

Corner Storage Units

The corners of rooms are often redundant spaces because they are awkwardly shaped. Without a custom solution, it’s difficult to utilise corners for storage. 

One option is to install corner units. You can design your own units or buy ready-made units to fit perfectly into the corners of the room. In particular, corners are fantastic for storing smaller items, such as car cleaning products or DIY tools.

The above image is actually a wardrobe unit from Ikea intended for a bedroom. But there’s no reason why you can’t use the same system in a garage, especially for storing personal possessions where there isn’t room elsewhere in your home. 

Hooks And Racks 

Mechanic taking tool from wall behind his workbench, view from te back

Storing outdoor gear in the garage prevents dirt and mud from getting into your home. 

Hooks and racks are incredibly useful if you’re looking to store outdoor clothing, old towels used for messy jobs or sports gear. You can hang up the likes of coats, scarves, cleaning rags or cycle helmets. Racks are also great for tools and garden equipment. 

Also, many of us have footwear that we don’t want to keep in our homes. If you go running regularly, or you have a job or a hobby that involves wearing heavy boots or wellies, racks keep everything tidy. 

To make the most of every centimetre of your garage, you can integrate hooks and racks into other types of storage units or shelving too. 

Fitted Cabinets

Modern new fitted tall cupboards in kitchen light grey color, interior trendy units. Huge storage inside house, built in wardrobe

One of the best garage storage systems where looks are concerned has to be fitted cabinets. 

Fitted cabinets can be customised to suit the space to create an ultra-flexible solution. 

If you plan to use your garage for work, as well as to store your belongings, you might want to install cabinets on the wall to provide storage space. 

You could even incorporate a workstation to provide access to a sink and sockets for a kettle so that you can make a cup of tea or coffee to enjoy at your desk. 

Fitted units can also enhance the aesthetic of your garage, making it more visually appealing. For homeowners thinking of selling up anytime soon, fitted units can also be highly desirable for potential buyers. 

Storage Tubes

Portrait of a handsome worker in unifrom standing with paper tubes at the old printing manufacturing

For an inexpensive solution for long and awkwardly shaped items, storage tubes are a creative idea to try.

Cylindrical containers are ideal for storing anything you can think of that happens to fit in a tube. 

The benefit of tubes is that not only can the tubes be sealed up, but they can also be neatly stacked on top of each other. 

Pack And Stack Boxes

Two Plastic storage box Plastic container isolated on white stacked

Instead of dealing with piles of clutter and disorganised shelves, why not keep things simple and organised with stackable boxes? 

Pack and stack boxes enable you to keep things neat and tidy in your garage with minimal effort. 

You can choose from a wide range of container styles to suit your tastes, including clear boxes, coloured crates or patterned storage tubs. 

Fill each box or crate with a different type of item to organise everything. For example, all the gardening supplies in one box and sports gear in another box. Labelling each container will also make it super easy to find what you’re looking for. 

Overhead Storage

Elegant Camper Van Overhead Cabinet Storage Area. Modern Motorhome RV Recreational Vehicle Features.

Garage storage cabinets can be installed anywhere – including towards the ceiling which is usually redundant space. 

Overhead storage is a fabulous idea if you’ve run out of room, or if you’re looking for a safe space to store bulky items without taking over the entire garage. 

You can use ceiling storage for everything from surfboards and bikes to fishing rods. 

If you are installing overhead storage, always ensure that the mounts and fittings are secure to avoid damage or injuries. 

Workstations And Benches

Tools on a trolley,organised in rows,at an auto repair shop.

Single garage storage ideas call for slimline solutions. Add a set of wheels (not on your car this time!) and you get our next idea of workstations or benches. 

For those who use their garage for DIY projects, we’re looking at you here!  

In 2021 alone, Brits spent £21 billion on DIY and home improvements. If you enjoy painting and decorating, you’re a keen carpenter, or you have a passion for working on cars or models, workstations and benches are an excellent investment. 

You can create a surface to work on to enjoy easy access to cupboards, boxes, rails and racks that store your tools and supplies. In short, buying a workstation or a bench is a great way to keep everything you need together in one place. 

Adding a more formalised workshop within your garage may even increase the value of your home, especially for any like-minded buyers who also enjoy a project. 

Storage Boxes & Baskets

Organization of home space, order, cleanliness and comfort. Household goods storage equipment. Box baskets are woven fabric from trendy natural eco materials. Interior decor element. (Organization of home space, order, cleanliness and comfort. Househo

One of the most common reasons we amass clutter is a lack of time. If you’re in a rush, you might not have time to open drawers, fold items, hang things up or open boxes. Throw-and-go storage is designed to provide a simple and effective solution for fuss-free tidying. 

The best storage boxes for the garage are those which are stackable and wipe clean, especially for storing paints, crayons or other potentially messy items that the kids collect! 

Top Tips For Getting Your Garage Organised

Have you decided to change the use of your garage?  Or are you tired of being greeted with mountains of clutter when you open the doors?

If you’re keen to get your garage organised, here is an essential checklist: 

Declutter First

The first step to take when organising any room in your home is to clear out the clutter. 

Clutter looks unsightly, it makes rooms look small and cramped and can contribute to stress. 

Go through every box and mound of stuff in your garage and create a series of piles. Place items you want to keep in one pile, add items you want to sell to another, create a stack for the tip and put anything you want to donate aside. 

Get rid of your rubbish and list items you want to sell online or in a garage sale. Take items that are in good condition to a charity shop or see if anybody wants them on local social media groups. 

Once you’re left with the belongings you want to keep, you can move to the next stage. 

Do Your Research

As we’ve discovered, there’s an incredible range of options and storage ideas to explore for garages of all sizes. Think about what you want to store, how much stuff you have and how you want to use your garage and make a plan. 

Sketch out ideas that are in your head, get inspiration from magazines, TV shows and social media and create a mood board. Try to allocate space for different types of items and combine storage ideas to maximise the space. 

You can also browse interior design magazines and read blogs or articles to get ideas. When you’re making plans, consider these key factors:

  • The size of the wall
  • The types of products and items you want to store
  • Open vs closed storage
  • The best ways to store your belongings

Choose fittings and storage options based on the items you want to organise and the amount of space you have available. 

If you are storing tools or equipment for work or camping, for example, it’s a fantastic idea to buy a selection of rails, racks, shelves and lockable units to store outerwear, footwear, tools, toolboxes and small items. 

Install A New Garage Door To Improve Accessibility And Create More Space 

The design of your garage door can impact accessibility and the amount of usable space you have available. If the mechanism type means that you’re losing valuable inches, consider replacing your garage door. 

Contact Kay Garage Doors for more information about garage door installation. We specialise in innovative, cost-effective and functional garage doors. Adding a new door could help you achieve the garage of your dreams just with one simple change! 

Storage For The Garage FAQs

Have any questions about all things storage ideas for garages? We’ve answered some of the most common queries below.

For anything else relating to the installation of new garage doors please give us a call on 0178 6568 160. You can also follow us on Facebook to see our work in action. 

Can I Use My Garage For Storage?

Absolutely! Research by the RAC has shown that more than 50% of UK garages are used for storage rather than to house vehicles.

Plus, it’s not always practical to store everything in the main parts of your home. Likewise, for hobbies, the garage is much more suitable so that you can craft away in peace (without trailing the mess through the house either!). 

How Much Does Garage Storage Cost?

There are a few answers to this question, depending on whether you’re looking to hire a garage for storage, or purchase a storage system for your own garage. 

Based on this article, we’ll opt for the latter question. Garage storage can cost anything from a few pounds to thousands of pounds, depending on how sophisticated you want to go. 

For instance, putting up shelves is usually extremely cheap to do. But for custom fitted cabinets or workbenches, the price will certainly creep up. 

The good news is that there’s plenty of flexibility depending on your budget, meaning your garage can always benefit from being tidy and organised just with a few simple additions. 

Can I Rent Out My Garage For Storage?

Yes. There is certainly a growing market for hiring out garages for storage. Garage door installation and maintenance from Kay Garage Doors can help ensure your garage is best suited for the job. 

How Do I Secure My Garage For Storage?

Even the best garage storage solutions are fruitless if the garage itself is not secure. Therefore, it’s important to check that the construction, locking mechanism, installation quality and safety features of your garage are up to scratch. 

Learn more by reading our post: What makes a roller garage door secure?

While you’re here, if your garage needs new doors to keep everything you’re storing in your garage safe and secure, then you’re in the right place. 

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While you’re here, if your garage needs new doors to keep everything you’re storing in your garage safe and secure, then you’re in the right place. 

Kay Garage Doors is based in Stirling. We carry out garage door installation and repairs across a wide area of Scotland including Bearsden, Dundee, Dunfermline, East Kilbride, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Fife, Glasgow, Kirkcaldy, Lanarkshire, Milngavie, Montrose, Motherwell, Perth and St Andrews.

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